Connect with Your Video Conferencing software
Start an interactive video communication

Present Your PowerPoint and Your Face Side by Side
It is so easy to create online face-to-face communication. Use SOOMUS to get more attention.

Deliver company knowledge directly and effectively

Keep your team activated and informed with policy updates,
company-wide announcements, monthly briefs, sales glories,
and training materials that maximize fun and engagement.


Visual product facility make you have a comfortable
shopping experience

Enrich customers all over the world. They can see product quality in <br>real-time. It breaks through the time and the distance limit.


Create an amazing report without difficulties

Data analysis can support your working report. When you join an
end-of-year meeting, SOOMUS can help you display the sales growth
and the potential market.

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Download it and discover how SOOMUS improves your
work efficiency